Reading and Writing
Holiday Workshop

Carefully created for half-day and homeschooled kindergartners, this class offers extra practice and exposure with reading readiness skills. Nurturing the development of phonemic awareness is at the center of this class. Students will be guided to extend their own letter knowledge beyond simple recognition and make the sound/symbol link. Students will be immersed in great contemporary and classic literature! The literacy-oriented activities provided involve the children in all of the communication skills – listening, speaking, writing, reading, illustrating, experiencing, and doing! Students will interact with their favorite winter holiday stories through creative dramatics, language and phonics games, journal writing, and illustrations.  Early writing is given special emphasis with tender loving encouragement. We will have a special focus on early phonetic spelling and formal handwriting training. This class is a great accompaniment to any Kindergarten program. The Smart Start class is set in a relaxing, fun, and non threatening environment that invites learning! This class will give your child a head start in not falling back during the winter break as they work on building a broad base of literacy skills.

Club Literacy is known for their special techniques in successfully teaching their learners reading strategies that allow their learners to read for meaning! Club Literacy is recognized as a leader in early writing techniques including formal handwriting training which helps children to easily transition into solid content writing as they are empowered with writing with ease.

Your child’s journal will be filled with beautifully written and illustrated story entries. Spelling practices and daily correct handwriting practice. Your child will get to practice reading level appropriate books during each class. – All while reading and learning from our favorite winter holiday books. We will also get to enjoy some yummy treats from around the world.

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